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Basic Playing Rules

Here at NJ Paintball Club some of our staff have literally been playing paintball since 1985! We've accumulated a lot of great information about tactics, playing strategies, and plain old common sense "dos and don'ts" regarding your private paintball party.

NJ Paintball Club advice on subjects like How to handle a paintball rifle in a safe manner, Preparing to play paintball in NJ, Wearing camouflage and Using cover in our New Jersey Paintball fields.

Below, we'd like to share these three helpful paintball tips with you as well as some other paintball advice videos. Browse our website for paintball articles & visit our Blog, and LEARN.. because knowledge is power.

Bob's 10 Commandments
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Basic Playing Rules

The staff of NJ Paintball Club will carefully go over all game rules and safety regulations with you in a detailed orientation before you ever begin playing, here are some of the basic regulations they will explain further. the Rules about gun safety and instructions about the rules of play. Safety is our number one rule. At New Jersey Paintball Club our adult, polite, courteous, experienced members will make sure playing paintball stays safe!

Safety Rules & Insurance Regulations

1) NJ Paintball Club, Inc. maintains the right to refuse membership and participation to any persons considered a possible safety risk to themselves or others, or for any other reason deemed applicable. YOUR SAFETY IS OUR MAIN PRIORITY!

2) FIELD PAINT ONLY - all paintball utilized at NJ Paintball Club MUST be acquired from the Club the day of your visit.

3) Barrel shrouds required in all paintball guns, even guns with no CO2 and no paintballs.

4) Absolutely no guns in parking lot.

5) No alcoholic beverages during playing hours.

6) All personal paintball guns MUST receive advanced clearance before being permitted on our property. Click here for Details

7) Goggles must be worn OVER EYES at all times on playing courses, in dead zones, on trails, and in target range. Goggles with face shields and ear protection required by all participants during a game.

8) Each player renting or borrowing NJ Paintball, Inc. equipment assumes financial responsibility for its loss, theft, or intentional damage.

9) Valid identification required for each adult borrowing NJ Paintball Club equipment.

10) Raise your arm when eliminated. This is the only officially recognized way to signal your elimination. Failure to signal your elimination may expose you to continued paintball hits. A player without his arm up is a fair target.

11) Only referees can officially call paint checks.

12) When eliminated go silently and quickly to a dead zone with your arm raised.

13) Never leave playing courses without notifying your referee.

14) No personal fill stations or fill tanks of any kind, CO2 or Compressed Air, permitted on NJ Paintball Club property.

15) NJ Paintball Club, Inc. maintains the right to retain all participants payments, fees and dues.

About NJ Paintball Club, Inc.

The club was founded in 1986 as an informal group of players who would get together and visit various NY / Jersey Metro area playing fields on a monthly basis. We quickly learned that while each field had positive features, each also possessed their share of drawbacks- long traveling distance, lack of qualified staff, overcrowding, poor safety regulations, expensive fees, price gouging supply costs. NJ Paintball Club members gradually came to the conclusion that the only way to avoid these drawbacks was to operate their own Private playing courses site.

In spring of 1987 several properties were considered, with the Club's current site chosen for its private, unique terrain, and "fun" potential. By June 1987 two playing courses had been laid out next to the parking area and the Club began playing once a month. By spring of 1988 word spread, and a greater demand for playing time made us decide to open twice a month. By September of that same year the Club was operating every Saturday & Sunday from March through December, and weekdays by reservation!

We must be doing something right and we know exactly what it is.

Eleven unique Paintball playing courses over 100 acres of New Jersey woodland

Today NJ Paintball Club has eleven unique playing courses that cover 100 acres of woodland. Our organization is overseen by a volunteer "Board of Trustees" that meet weekly to discuss improvements that can make our operations safer, more fun to guests, and more competitive in price. We provide players with a "safety conscious" playing environment, state-of-the-art equipment, a trained, certified adult referees, a highly accessible location, with costs comparable or below that of "commercial" paintball facilities. These are the reasons that NJ Paintball Club is regarded as New Jersey's premiere playing site. All visitors to NJ Paintball Club are awarded a free "trial" membership- which they can continue to enjoy each time they visit. New Jersey private Paintball playing courses for any NY, PA, NJ Paintball outing, New Jersey Paintball players and Corporate outings, family private paintball group, kids Birthday paintball party. Rules and gun safety are our highest concern.

Were Is New Jersey Paintball Club?

NJ Paintball Club is conveniently located 30 miles Northwest of New York City, in Passaic County, NJ, at 56 Weaver Road, West Milford, New Jersey, 07480. New Jersey Paintball Club sits on private property in the "Heart of the Highlands," on beautiful mountainous terrain, dotted with over forty giant glacial boulders, gigantic soaring oak trees, crisscrossed by narrow trails that run along its scenic valleys and ridges.

What Is Paintball?

An exciting game invented in 1980 and played at New Jersey Paintball Club since 1987 by people just like you! A modern version of "Cowboys & Indians", "Hide & Seek", and "Tag" all rolled into one! Two teams of equal size and skill compete on a forested paintball playing course- the first team to capture their opponent's flag wins! Eliminate your opponents from a game by tagging them with a harmless, water-soluble, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable "paintball". Yes, it might sting a little, but that's all the more reason not to get tagged! You'll never be out of the action for long though- because at NJ Paintball playing Club we play five or more paintball games in a half day session! 10 or more paintball games in a full day session! Rules and gun safety are our highest concern.

Is Playing Paintball Safe?

Yes, playing paintball is safe! As long as you follow the Rules about gun safety and instructions about the rules of play. Safety is our number one rule. At New Jersey Paintball Club our adult, polite, courteous, experienced staff will make sure playing paintball stays safe! NJ Paintball Club's conscientious staff will give you full instructions on playing and the correct and safe way to handle and operate your paintball equipment, as well as a detailed orientation on paintball safety regulations, gun safety and paintball game rules. New Jersey Paintball Club's adult members will accompany you onto NJ Paintball Club's playing courses and supervise your private paintball games.

Rules for Full Day, Half Day Paintball fields Only 45 minutes west of NYC Paintball course West Milford NJ

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